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Sonntag, 18. März 2018

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Clinical Otology

Clinical Otology

Pensak, Myles L./ Choo, Daniel I.

4. Auflage 2014, 528 Seiten, 340 Abbildungen, gebunden

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ISBN 9781604067538

Clinical Otology, Fourth Edition, is a detailed, contemporary review of diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients with otologic and related disorders. It addresses basic science, the clinical application of therapeutics in otology, and current research, and is designed to help physicians make the best decisions in managing the care of their patients.

Key Features:

- New chapters on molecular genetic diagnostics, contemporary management of external and internal hearing devices, and vestibular and audiologic neuro diagnostics

- More than 150 high-quality, color illustrations clarify key concepts presented in the text

- Covers the current clinical application of genetics and contemporary testing for hearing loss

All otolaryngologists -- head and neck surgeons, audiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and residents seeking to optimize patient care should have this up-to-date reference in their medical library.     

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