Compendium on CHARGE Syndrome

Bestell-Nr. 59254

Multi-disciplinary and international perspectives
Ursula Horsch & Andrea Scheele (Eds.)
1st edition 2011, 300 pages, paperback



ISBN 978-3-941146-15-0  


This compendium on CHARGE Syndrome covers multidisciplinary and international perspectives. Special highlights are genetics, cardiology, urology, visual and hearing-related perception, phoniatrics, cochlear implantation and research on dialogue training in early educational processes as well as multi sensory impairment and deafblindness. The volume also focuses on cognitive semiotics, challenging behaviour, parental perspectives, music and emotions and supervision. Articles on endocrine specifics, balance, physical education and sports complete the editors‘ selection.
Authors: Prof. Dr. Boulos Asfour, Prof. Dr. Frans van Erckelens, Prof. Dr. Margit Fisch, Dr. Silke Riechardt, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kohlhase, Dr. Silke Pauli, Prof. Dr. Barbara Käsmann-Kellner, Prof. Dr. Roland Laszig, Prof. Dr. Rainer Schönweiler, Prof. Dr. Joachim Thüroff, Dr. Christian Thomas, Prof. Dr. Antje Aschendorff, Dr. Susan Arndt, Prof. Dr. Timothy Hartshorne, Prof. Dr. Jeremy Kirk, Dr. David Brown, Prof. Dr. Lauren Lieberman, Prof. Dr. Pamela Haibach, Dr. Anna Wolff, Martha Majors, Adele Farhart, Flemming Ask Larsen, Hanne Pittroff, Hansjörg Meyer, Prof. Dr. Ursula Horsch, Andrea Scheele.
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Chapter 1: Medical Perspectives

Jürgen Kohlhase
Genetics in CHARGE Syndrome

Silke Pauli
The functional role of the CDH7 protein – Insights into recent studies

Franz van Erckelens, Boulos Asfour
Cardiologic and cardio surgical aspects in CHARGE Syndrome

Roland Laszig, Antje Aschendorff, Susan Arndt
CHARGE Syndrome with a focus on Cochlea Implants.
A research based retrospective

Christian Thomas, Joachim W. Thüroff
Urological relevant anomalies in CHARGE Syndrome

Silke Riechardt, Margit Fisch
CHARGE Syndrome for urological purposes.
Possibilities in therapy and reconstruction surgery

Jeremy Kirk
Endocrine problems in CHARGE Syndrome

Barbara Käsmann-Kellner
Eye and visual perception in CHARGE Syndrome

Rainer Schönweiler
Aspects of hearing, speech and swallowing in CHARGE Syndrome

Anna Wolff
Dental care in patients with CHARGE

Chapter 2: Early Education and International Perspectives

Ursula Horsch, Andrea Scheele
Empirical research on »Bildung« in a dialogical paradigm.
Early processes of »Bildung« in parent-child-dialogues

Flemming Ask Larsen
Mental space theory – an introduction to the 6-spacer

David Brown
CHARGE Syndrome – True Multi-Sensory Impairment

Timothy Hartshorne
Understanding behavior in CHARGE Syndrome

Chapter 3: Pedagogic and Therapeutic Perspectives

Martha Majors
CHARGE in Perkins School for the Blind, Boston/MA

Hanne Pittroff
Development of communication in children with CHARGE Syndrome

Hansjörg Meyer
Composers with severe multiple disability –
The entity of body, emotions and music 

Lauren Lieberman
Resources for Physical Education, Sports & Fitness for children with CHARGE

Pamela Haibach
Strategies to Improve Balance in Children with CHARGE Syndrome

Adele Farhart
Living with CHARGE through a mother’s eyes

The Authors


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