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Why I am me

Bestell-Nr. 49290

All about CHARGE syndrome
Written by Carry Ward and Marie Patterson, OAM
Illustrations by Penny Levett
Published by CHARGE Syndrome Association of Australasia Ltd
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ISBN: 9780646549057


“Why I Am Me” is a story about a boy called Sam who has CHARGE syndrome and his friend Jess. As the story progresses Jess learns about CHARGE syndrome and the challenges Sam faces on a day-to-day basis. The idea for this book was sparked by questions asked by a young person with CHARGE. As a result the book is written from a unique perspective. The story is supported by medical information, diagrams and photographs of children and young persons with CHARGE in New Zealand and Australia.
This is an action-packed, fun-filled bursting with facts that every child with CHARGE syndrome wishes you knew. It contains activities and examples that help you understand how it feels to have CHARGE syndrome and loads of information to answer your questions about this condition:
What are the characteristic signs of CHARGE syndrome?
How did I get CHARGE syndrome?
Will my child still have CHARGE syndrome in adulthood?
Why does my best friends spend so much time in hospital with CHARGE syndrome?
Will I get CHARGE syndrome if someone else in my family has it?
How can I help students with CHARGE syndrome tol earn more easily?
What is ‘special needs’?
What are ‘grommets’?


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