The Audiogram Workbook

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Oeding, Kristi A.M./ Listenberger, Jennifer/ Smith, Steven

1. Auflage 2016, 246 Seiten, 135 Abbildungen, broschiert

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ISBN 9781626231757

The Audiogram Workbook provides students with essential practice in reading and interpreting audiograms. Each case begins with a case history and audiogram, followed by the correct interpretation on the next page.

Key Features:

- More than 100 cases covering a wide range of audiologic conditions

- Written by promising young audiologists at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the top audiology programs in the U.S.

- Each case allows the reader to view and correctly interpret audiograms and to understand case history writing

- Practice audiograms provide students with a "clean slate" to write and create a case history based on audiogram and then interpret results

- The Audiological Interpretation Cheat Sheet assists readers in interpreting audiograms during clinical rotations

This workbook is an excellent resource for audiology students who need to learn the skill of audiogram interpretation.


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